Custom Bidding in DV360

Custom Bidding (“Aangepast bieden”) is de komende weken, mei & juni 20202, beschikbaar voor alle DV360 accounts. Dit gaat dan op basis van je Floodlight Activities, GA360 doelen nog niet. Ondersteuning voor het opnemen van GA360 doelen als signalen voor Custom Bidding worden de komende maanden uitgerold.

Hoe werkt het? (Engels):
First, you identify a key performance indicator (KPI), such as revenue or brand lift, that you want to optimize. Next, you define the proxy signals that help predict success with your KPI. For example, you might select transaction value as a proxy for revenue or creative dimension as a proxy for brand lift — you can choose as a signal anything that is measurable as a Floodlight activity or a goal in Google Analytics 360. Finally, you build a script that uses these signals to assign scores to ad impressions in order to define how much each impression is worth to you, based on its expected ability to drive your chosen KPI. Once the campaign starts, Display & Video 360 will use the scoring model built on your script to predict the value of each impression and adjust each bid accordingly.